At Revstop we are trying to improve the dealership buying experience and it all revolves around putting the customer first.  You can shop our vehicle and equipment selection online and ask as many questions as you want.  If you find the perfect ride we will provide you with a pre-negotiated price that can be redeemed at our partner dealerships.  If you need to sell or want to trade a vehicle in, our professional staff will  help you receive a cash offer from our dealer network. Better services, complete transparency, our customers always come first.


When making a vehicle or equipment purchase research is extremely important. To help educate customers we provide original information, reviews and content.

Get a price

We simplify the process by pre-negotiating the best prices with multiple dealerships. When you request a price from Revstop you will receive the best price available.

Buy in-store

Revstop prices are pre-negotiated haggle free prices. After receiving a price from Revstop, visit the specified dealership to complete your purchase.